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Bianca Rucker, Registered Nurse PhD in Counselling Psychology,CAMFT Supervisor

Bianca Rucker, Registered Nurse PhD in Counselling Psychology
CAMFT Supervisor
(Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy)


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If you are unhappy with your sex life or feel disconnected from your partner, sex therapy or couples therapy can help. Dr. Rucker is the gold standard when it comes to dealing with sexual problems and relationship issues! She helps individuals and couples in the Lower Mainland as well as providing telephone sessions for people living in other parts of Canada.

If communication and sex in your relationship have been difficult or unsatisfying, you might feel like throwing in the towel. You may find that your relationship has lost its spark. The passion is gone. Sex isn’t what it used to be, if it happens at all.

Maybe you and your partner are constantly arguing or perhaps rarely speak to one another. Perhaps you go to bed making sure you don’t touch one another, or intentionally go to bed at different times, or maybe you don’t even sleep together anymore.

50 Shades of Conflict

The Vancouver Sun asks Dr. Bianca Rucker for her insights related to the "50 Shades of Grey" phenomenon.

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You may have been to couples therapy or sex therapy before and perhaps things got better in your relationship as a result. However, perhaps you still feel unhappy and very discouraged. You may still feel distant from your partner. The thought of your relationship ever improving may seem hopeless.

We had been stuck in a rut for a long time before we started therapy with Bianca. She helped us figure things out and actually deal with what was getting in our way. We were finally able to connect!

- Sue and Mike, 30-something

Younger or older, married, living together or dating… If you can relate to any of the following, seeing an experienced sex and marital therapist may be your answer:

unhappy couple in bed

As seasoned sex and relationship therapists, whether you are single or a couple, we can also help you overcome sexual problems.

Common male sexual problems that our sex and marital therapists help solve:

We marveled at how capable Dr. Rucker was in helping us sort out our sexual problems. She provided a wealth of suggestions for ways we could deal with my erection problem and helped us figure out how to proceed.

- Jack, age 85, with erectile dysfunction

Common female sexual problems that we help solve:

Sex therapy / couples therapy can help you transform your relationship into one that you have dreamed of having. Clients can come in together as a couple or can come individually.

We welcome not only heterosexuals, but also gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals and couples.

Regardless of the type of problems you are having, experienced couples / sex therapists can help you develop a more positive and fulfilling relationship.

Come to see us at the beginning of a new relationship, for premarital counselling, or in a long-standing relationship.

Here are some examples of how our sex and marital therapists can help you improve your relationship. We will show you how to:

Finally I found someone I could really feel comfortable talking to about such private things as my sex life. I never believed such change was possible — I only wish that my husband and I had gone for such specialized counselling years ago. My inability to have intercourse and the pain I was having were ruining my life. Dr. Rucker helped me find the right gynecologist and a pelvic physiotherapist to help me. Now I can finally have normal sex.

- Samantha, aged 23, with vulvar vestibululodynia

Our sex and marital therapists can also help you achieve your sexual goals:

We have therapists who specialize in helping people:

Here is a list of common concerns that people call us with:

At Bianca Rucker and Associates we are marital and sex therapists (also known as sexologists) for individuals and couples of all ages.

We provide therapy to people of all ages — from young adult to senior and every age in between. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion or cultural background, we have been successfully providing sex therapy, couples therapy, and relationship therapy for over 25 years.

We provide a variety of proven approaches for improving intimacy that will help you develop the relationship you desire. In addition to her counselling psychology degrees, Dr. Rucker is a registered nurse. This makes her an ideal therapist for couples having sexual problems, when the sexual difficulties are the result of a medical condition or due to the changes that come with growing older.

Dr. Rucker has helped countless people over many years with her excellent work.

- Dr. Heather Fay, Integrative Medicine Physician, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Rucker understands how the body works and how medications, such as antidepressants, can affect sexual functioning.

If you are experiencing any relationship or sexual problem, call Dr. Rucker. She will chat with you by phone to sort out the best course of action for you!

Even if you are single or your partner is not willing to join you in couples therapy or sex therapy, it’s worth coming in… we can help you make changes that can positively influence your relationship or increase your chances of starting a new relationship if you are single.

Do you have an extended health plan? If so, you may get reimbursed up to 100%. Call Dr. Rucker for more details!

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