Trauma & Abuse

Past sexual abuse is a common block that prevents both women and men from having or enjoying sex. Intensive therapy such can help individuals recover from abuse and develop their capacity for intimate sex. Systemic couples therapy and clinical hypnosis are effective ways to achieve healing and positive changes.

Some people who were victims in childhood become perpetrators of abuse in adulthood. If you recognize that you are not treating your partner or children well, have the courage to seek help.

Trauma affects how our brains respond. Neurobiology research has now shown us that therapy can also influence how our brains function.  Therefore, therapy can metaphorically help re-wire your brain, regardless of the extent of the trauma or abuse.

Some clients call me having never had any therapy to help them address such matters. Other clients have had a lot of therapy in the past, but still want to overcome some issue that is still blocking them sexually. Remember that therapy can have a significant positive impact on many aspects of an individual's or couple’s life.

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