Sexual Desire

Sexual desire problems affect both men and women. A woman might say, "I just don't feel like having sex." Or a man will complain, "I've lost my mojo."

You can book an appointment as a couple or come in on your own if any of the following issues apply to you:

Sexual desire consists of more than just the urge to have sex. In fact, for women in particular and for some men, there is no noticeable sexual urge. So, some people start from neutral whereas others start already feeling horny.

The three elements included in sexual desire are biological urge, intimacy and chemistry with one’s partner, and erotic mood (or frame of mind).

Sexual desire can be blocked by many factors.

The therapist can help you sort out "what is really going on." Then there can be significant positive changes. Learning, experimenting, and creativity can be part of the solution, as well as part of the fun.

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