Sex Addiction

The term "sex addiction" is commonly used to describe compulsive sexual behaviour.

There are many ways in which people get hooked on a sex-related activity that has negative consequences in their lives. Often they do not take responsibility to address their problems because it is tempting to ignore any consideration of consequences and continue the compulsive behaviour. One can look at the physiology of dopamine being released in the brain creating a reward feeling, but essentially clients need to be prepared to take a hard look at underlying issues and at finding healthier ways to feel good.

To start being responsible and facing your issues, start asking yourself some questions such as:

Is your internet use controlling you instead of you controlling it?

Have you struggled with any of the following?

  • prostitutes
  • massage parlours
  • surfing Craigslist
  • excessive masturbation
  • accelerating use of (and/or increasing kinds of) pornography

Are you hiding any of the above from your spouse? If so, life will unfold better if you seek help and start making changes rather than waiting to be “found out."

Shame and denial are strong forces that perpetuate problems. A skilled, non-judgemental therapist can guide you in the right direction.

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