Love & Intimacy

Love can be a central part of our existence as human beings – it may be powerful; and it may be confusing.

Sometimes love seems to wane and couples grow apart. One person in the couple may say, “It feels like we are just roommates. He’s my best friend, but I no longer feel like I’m in love with him.” Seeking therapy sooner rather than later will help get to the root of the problem and allow you to make changes if you choose to do so.

Having a deep capacity for intimacy is not necessarily innate. Perhaps your Family of Origin didn’t provide a very solid groundwork for you and you need to develop your self esteem and capacity for intimacy. Being truly intimate and connected with another human is harder than it seems.

A frequent complaint is: "There's a lack of romance in my life."

Often clients say that their relationship is good in all aspects, but they yearn for something more...

Couples come to therapy to improve the quality of romance and to create a better love life together.

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