Comfort with one’s sexual identity and sexual orientation are crucial to living a happy and fulfilled life.

There are myriad of different possibilities that we see in our practice, ranging from people who are asexual to people who are pansexual.

Exploring and sorting out issues related to your sexual identity and/or sexual orientation can be facilitated by talking to an experienced therapist who can work with you individually, and/or see you together with your partner or family members. The therapist can help with building understanding and acceptance in yourself and others, helping you decide how best to talk to loved ones, and coping with social and workplace issues. Feeling understood is only part of the process, but can serve as an important starting point.

Please contact Dr. Rucker and she will help determine which therapist will best suit your specific needs. She can be reached by phone at (604) 731-4466 or by email at

Bianca Rucker, PhD, RN, RMFT

Registered Nurse & Marriage and Family Therapist

Sex Therapy, Relationship and Couples Counselling, Vancouver, BC

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