Porn, Kink, and Fetishes

Get help with discussing taboo topics, setting limits, and exploring things you have fantasized about.

Touchy differences? Get help working them out!

"I want to try some kink and my partner doesn't."

"There are certain things that really turn me on. What if my partner doesn't want to do the things that I like to do?"

"I am worried that my kind of porn is having a negative effect on my relationship."

Talk to a therapist who is comfortable with the topic of kink and has experience helping clients with related issues.

Here is how kink can be a positive experience if a couple agree on what they might want to do, and decide to enjoy the same kinds of activities...

Kinky couples plan sex and simmer for days in advance. They emphasize quality of encounter over frequency of encounters. They practice variety and exploration. They don’t judge a partner’s desires. They discuss and negotiate sexual acts.

- Margie Nichols, sex therapist, New York

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